Hillcrest Lake Villas Resort

Upcoming events in and around Hillcrest Lake Villas
In South Louisiana, there is always something happening. Below are a few important dates, among many, to remember when planning your vacation, or timeshare purchase.

  mardi gras

                                                  Mardi Gras  * 2018  February 13th     
                                                                 * 2019  March 5th 

                                                                 * 2020  February 25th 


Lacombe Crab Festival 


             New Orleans Jazz Festival 
                  *April 28-May 7, 2017


                 French Quarter Festival

                       * April 6-9, 2017

                  Louisiana Strawberry Fest 
                           * April     2018

        If it's got strawberry, you'll find it here, along with other Louisiana    favorites, such as music, arts, and games. Click above for more information.


                  Wooden Boat Festival 
                   *October 14-15, 2017

               Located in the quaint town of Madisonville, with the Tchefuncte River as its stage, this
          festival celebrates the beauty and history of the wooden boat, as well as promotes the art.

Louisiana Festivals

These are just a few of the many festivals and events that take place in our state. For information on other such scheduled events, click here.

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